Protect and restore Jetties and Pontoons

We keep your jetties and pontoons looking like new

Timber jetties, timber decked pontoons and timber gangways are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as:

  • Full sun
  • high moisture areas from sea splashing
  • Rain, dew, tropic condensation
  • Tropical humidity
  • Flooding conditions like in 2022.

Timber is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture, then during the heat of each day, the moisture evaporates. The daily cycle of liquid and gas phases can cause timber to become unstable, twisting, cupping, and twisting.

Timber left untreated will deteriorate.

Timber treated with a water-based film forming system can also deteriorate just as fast since the coating traps the moisture in the timber like when traps moisture like wrapping a sandwich with cling wrap. The gases cause water based film forming finishes to peel from the inside out. This creates a vicious cycle where the surface film is cracked, allowing more moisture to enter. Moisture is timber’s biggest enemy.

At Australian Timber & Deck Maintenance, we use Equisol Pro 365 exclusively. This product not only looks natural and showcases the timber grain, but it also does the best job of repelling moisture from the inside out. Equisol Pro 365 penetrates much deeper into the timber than any other product on the market today.

To maintain timber in harsh environments, yearly maintenance is necessary. Every coat has an accumulative benefit, providing more water repellence and longer colour retention.

Jetty Restoration


Before Pontoon Maintenance & Restoration


Freshly restored timber pontoon


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