Southeast Queensland Residential and Commercial Deck Restoration

We provide a full Deck restoration service.

We chemically strip the previously failed timber coating, and sand to prepare with specialised sanders that do not require nails to be punched or damage any fixing screws. Use Equisol Null to reduce mould and algae spores. Apply our unique 2-stage timber prep system using Equisol Prime to extract the tannin and clean the timber & Equisol Vitalise cleaning process to brighten and sterilise timber.

Apply two coats of Equisol 365 with a Colour Tone to match the timber.

After all the hard work & expense is done. The deck now has a new start with an easy-to-maintain system that will never fail.

Restored Queensland Pool Deck


We have been proudly servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Sunshine Coast,
Northern Rivers and surrounding areas for over 15 years.
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