Residential Deck Maintenance and Restoration

Queensland’s beautiful climate means your deck is one of the most used and important spaces of your home. Preserve your investment by preserving your deck. A well-preserved deck add huge value to your property.


When decks are new, it is time to do your research and choose what timber treatment will be best for you in the long term. Informed builders may choose a treatment for you and apply the treatment leaving you with a finished deck. Unfortunately, many deck builders leave their customers with untreated decks, leaving it to them to go to the Big Box stores for advice.

A note to deck builders Timber Queensland recommends all decks build under 400mm off the ground be oiled all around with a penetrating oil such as Equisol Pro 365. Equisol Pro minimises harmful mould and algae growth and repels moisture for the life of the timber.

Timber Decks that look like it’s been painted

No timber grain exposed, peeling in parts, mould under the coatings, and evidence of timber rotting usually occurs when a deck is 5-7 years old.


Australian Timber & Deck Maintenance provides a full restoration service, unlike our competitors.
We chemically strip the previously failed timber coating, and sand to prepare with specialised sanders that do not require nails to be punched or damage any fixing screws. Use Equisol Null to reduce mould and algae spores. Apply our unique 2-stage timber prep system using Equisol Prime to extract the tannin and clean the timber & Equisol Vitalise cleaning process to brighten and sterilise timber.

Apply two coats of Equisol 365 with a Colour Tone to match the timber.

For the natural matte look emphasise the timber grain. Most architects today specify this look.

After all the hard work & expense is done. The deck now have a new start with the easy-to-maintain system that will never fail, Equisol Pro 365.

A note to Internal Floor Sanders using floor sanders to sand decks. Decking nails are designed to shed water that’s why they are domed. Countersinking the decking nails splits the timber at the end grain & reduces the life of the decking boards by allowing water to pool in the hollow created. A double whammy when the wrong choice of coating is applied. This seals the moisture in like glad wrap and your deck just rots away.

Restored Queensland Pool Deck
Residential Deck Restoration


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