Annual Timber Deck Maintenance

Annual maintenance is the key to a happily ever after deck

To maintain timber in harsh environments, yearly maintenance is necessary. Every coat has an accumulative benefit, providing more water repellence and longer colour retention.

At Australian Timber & Deck Maintenance with 20 year’s experience maintaining hundreds of residential decks, we have researched the market for you and recommend Equisol Pro 365 hands down.

We reach out to our customers every year, to remind them it’s time for maintenance on their deck. At ATDM we show the customers how to it themselves DIY or we can maintain the decks for them. A simple DIY procedure sheet is given to them. Some customers alternate every year, but as customers get busier, most prefer for us to do it for them.

We help to make your deck better with age, using products that have an accumulative effect. The more annual coats applied the further it penetrates into the timber repelling more moisture. The less moisture in the timber the more stable the timber is, less twisting, cupping and cracking. The colours last longer between maintenance periods.

We have a magical track record for maintaining & restoring decks before the house is sold. When your deck looks good it sells the house.

Pool Deck Maintenance and restoration
Restored timber entryway in Queensland

deck Repairs

Do you have rotten deck boards that need replacing? Or damaged joists and bearers? We handle these repairs to all small and large timber decks.

deck oiling and staining

Protect your timber deck from harsh weather exposure, tree sap, leaf litter and bird droppings with a quality deck treatment.

Deck restoration & Refinishing

Australian Timber & Deck Maintenance provides a full restoration service, unlike our competitors.

Deck sanding and cleaning

We use modern equipment and products without harsh, smelly, toxic chemicals. We are able to sand safely without any damage to the timber deck or fittings.

Routine Deck Maintenance

We recommend annual maintenance on all Queensland decks, pergolas, balustrades, jetties and pontoons. Contact us and our team will handle the entire process for you.


Deck Restoration Before


Deck Restoration After


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